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Unhappy New Year Jobseekers: Government dumping people in difficulty


The Government celebrated the end of 2020 by slashing assistance to the unemployed and underemployed.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 20


Document declassification to define US demands


The declassification of a major US foreign policy document has revealed influence brought to bear by supporters of the Trump administration upon the incoming Biden presidential grouping.

The declassification was undertaken for three reasons:

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 19


Building unity across the city-country divide in the face of common enemies


Farmers’ finances are up and down with the weather, and so are towns reliant upon them. Decades-long government restructuring to suit corporate profits has stripped them bare.
Many eastern state country towns were booming into the 1980s. They had industries, often including resident railway workers. Many towns had a $1 million plus railway payroll each fortnight. Railway lines were shut, replaced by privately owned trucking. 
Like cities, the bush has ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 18


Chinese Bid for Probuild Squashed by Federal Government


The takeover of tier one construction company Probuild by China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) has been scuttled after federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced he would block the proposed buyout on national security grounds. 

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 18


Vale Johnson Mlambo: A Lion of the African Liberation struggle has fallen.


61 years in struggle against South African Settler colonialism, prisoner 277/63 survived 20 years in Robben Island Gaol to be at the heart of the liberation struggle for another 37 years.   
Johnson Mlambo, “The Chairman”, served as Chairman of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) of Azania (South Africa) and Commander in Chief of the Azania People’s Liberation Army (APLA) from 1985 till his assumption of the position of Deputy ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 15


Fascism rises as imperialism declines


Mussolini’s 1922 March on Rome it was not, but there were loud echoes of fascism in the storming of the US Congress by Donald Trump’s angry supporters.

The existence of fascist or neo-Nazi elements in the US has become more pronounced since it became apparent thirty or so years ago that the US was in decline as the world superpower.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 09


COVID-19 Bites Bosses Divisive Core and Periphery Theory


In the 1990s, capitalist exploitation of workers intensified with many employers (not only governments) contracting out what they deemed to be non-core periphery work within their work force. This happened at the enterprise and industry level and even internationally.

There are examples of this in most industries. In manufacturing, non-core assembly line work was shifted to developing countries while design work stayed in the developed countries. More recently even restaurants ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 08


Film Review: Nomadland


The Grapes of Wrath (1940) follows Okies moving into California where they are attacked for taking local jobs but strike for half-way decent wages at fruit -picking.
Nomadland is not wrath but loss.
Its story lines trail around Fern, played by Frances McDormand (remember Fargo ?) and an otherwise non-professional cast playing themselves.

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 03


Sham, furphy or threat? Dutton’s enquiry into the far-right


Those following the preliminary stages of the forthcoming federal parliamentary inquiry into far-right wing political organisations in Australia might have been led to believe the present Morrison Coalition government in Canberra is set on dealing with the problem.

Nothing, it would appear, could be further from the truth. In fact, the present Australian government appears to have already established the means by which they intend to divert attention away from ...

more...- Posted on 2021 Jan 02


2021: Expand the Fight for Australian Independence and Socialism


Alice M., Vice-Chairperson on behalf of the Central Committee, CPA (M-L)
Global capitalism is in a major economic, political and social crisis. The pandemic has exposed and intensified the irreconcilable contradictions of this brutally exploitative and decaying system.
Capitalism’s relentless drive for profit requires constant expansion giving rise to imperialism. It requires the seizure of more resources and markets, the intensification of exploitation of the working class, other working people ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 31


Record Year for Rural Land Sales


2020 was a record year for rural land sales despite the coronavirus. Four sales in 2020 exceeded $100 million while 15 sales made $50 million or more.

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 30


ABCC and Lendlease in court battle over Eureka flag ban


The federal government’s anti-union ideological and political task force, the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is locked in a court battle with one of the country’s largest construction companies, Lendlease. 
The building giant is challenging the ABCC’s interpretation of the Building Code with regard to the banning of union mottos, logos, posters, and other paraphernalia including the Eureka flag on federally funded construction sites. 

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 30


War clouds over the Taiwan Straits


A major diplomatic stand-off between the United States and China over the Taiwan Straits immediately prior to Xmas during the dying days of the Trump administration reveals the narrow waterway might become a future theatre of war.

It will be interesting, therefore, to note future Cold War positions taken by the incoming Biden administration and their likely effect upon Australia and Japan, which have both been drawn ever closer to ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 28


ICOR - Stop the war preparations in Southern Kurdistan! The Kurdish people are not alone!


For months the South Kurdish ruling party PDK (the party of Barzani) has been preparing for a war against the PKK under hypocritical pretexts. 

It is obvious that with its military provocations and propaganda, the PDK, in close cooperation with the Turkish secret service MIT, wants to prepare the way for a war of invasion of the fascist Turkish state against the Kurdish freedom movement. 

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 28


Nationalise Coles and other Big Food and Beverage Corporations


In recent weeks two major disputes between workers and large corporations are a preview of what workers can expect in coming years from the multinational corporations and compliant governments in Australia.

As people in Australia sat down for Xmas dinner, warehouse workers at a Coles Distribution Centre in NSW were being locked out by Coles until at least 11 February 2021. The workers had already been locked out for a ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 26


From Darwin to Daru – US-China rivalry escalates


The intensification of the US-led Cold War hostilities in the Indo-Pacific have had serious implications for countries closely allied with the US.

In Australia and Japan, the two most important hubs for 'US interests', US regional foreign policy has been responsible for raising concerns about internal security and sovereignty.

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 25


Foreign Control of Australia’s Farm Land Increases


The Foreign Investment Review Board has just released its latest Farmland Ownership Report.

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 23


The drama about Flinders Universities Drama Centre


Recently there has been an outcry from Flinders University Drama students due to some proposed changes made in a November 16th 2020 report by Flinders University, titled Drama Provision – Future Vision and Strategy. 
These changes must be looked at within the context of price hikes to humanity degrees, introduced by the Morrison government, and the closing of many humanities courses by institutions (Monash cutting 103 subjects and removing its ...

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 23


Beethoven's 250th Birth Anniversary


(Parts 2. 3 and 4 of Humphrey McQueen's exploration of what Beethoven means for Marxist-Leninists follow) 

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 19


Farm Workers Getting Organised Against Big Wage Swindle


Wage swindles with farm workers being paid piece rates less than even the minimum legal Award wage have been occurring for years. 

However, as Bob Dylan would say, "the times they are a-changing". Even now in 2020 there are reports of farm workers being paid piece work equivalent to $3 an hour (Australian Financial Review 16 December 2020).

more...- Posted on 2020 Dec 18


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