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Tour Down Under and the bicycle manufacturing industry

Written by: Nick on

Ned K.

In January 2016 the City of Adelaide once again hosted the international cycling circus, Tour Down Under.

Good for promoting a non-polluting form of transport for tourism dollars and for promotion of personal fitness. 

The bicycles ridden by participants and the millions more Australian people are quite expensive and well-manufactured.

The irony is that up until the 1970s Australia and South Australia in particular had a pretty well-established bicycle manufacturing industry and component industry associated with it. Super Elliott and Malvern Star were two popular brands. 

This industry was destroyed and moved off shore just like the car industry, but without any outcry whatsoever. Now the "cycling revolution" is still on the rise and the profits from the manufacture of cycles and the jobs are overseas.

The parliamentary three or four year cycle does not produce governments with any serious vision for Australia or a long term plan. Only a new system worked out by the people for the people will do this.



Tour Down Under and the bicycle manufacturing industry
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Tour Down Under and the bicycle manufacturing industry
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