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Free Comrade Théo!

Written by: Nick on

Scott C.                                                  20 August 2019
“Freedom for Théo: Théo El Ghozzi, worker militant, imprisoned for his ideas. On hunger strike since July 22 to demand recognition of his status as a political prisoner, his transfer to Riom Prison, and freedom for all political prisoners, particularly Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.”
On the 22nd of July, Comrade Théo (Théo El Ghozzi), a French Communist militant, labour activist, anti-fascist, and Yellow Vest was arrested in Nantes, France, while at work, and placed in 6 months of confinement for protesting reactionary labour laws enforced by the French State. Shortly after his arrest, Comrade Théo announced he was on hunger strike, demanding to be recognised as a political prisoner as well as to demand freedom for all political prisoners, particularly prisoner of the Palestinian struggle Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.
In the course of the Struggle of the Yellow Vests in France, many hundreds of activists and demonstrators have been arrested by the French State, once again proving that the Capitalist State is no friend of the worker.
Comrade Théo has been actively involved in the Yellow Vests’ Struggles against the French State, and in defense of worker’s rights in France, a comrade who is determined to make the ruling class tremble with fear of the masses. And in this struggle, he has faced repression in the past, back on the 23rd of June, 2016, Comrade Théo was arrested and barred from Labour activism in his hometown of  Clermont-Ferrand, where he again was on hunger Strike. Comrade Théo knows all too well the realities of Capitalist repression.
On the 31st of July, Comrade Théo released a letter, thanking the people of France and Comrades internationally for their support against repression.
Comrade Théo temporarily stopped the hunger strike on the 4th of  August due to pressure from friends concerned about his health, but resumed on the 9th of August and remains on hunger strike today.
Statements of solidarity have come from across France, as well as Brazil, Switzerland, Ireland, the United States, in particular Houston and Austin, Germany and Austria.
With our recent pledge of support for Witness K and Bernard Collaery, we cannot ignore the struggles of our comrades across the world.
Support Comrade Théo!
Freedom for all Revolutionary Political Prisoners!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!


Free Comrade Théo!
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Free Comrade Théo!
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