Draft Fighting Program of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist)

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The following Immediate Demands come from the Party’s Draft Fighting Program. The full Draft Fighting Program pamphlet can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking the grahic below. Updates will be made from time to time as circumstances and developments dictate.

Our rallying call is organise and build a powerful and united people’s movement to fight for Australian independence and socialism. These fighting demands have emerged from people’s struggle in current conditions. Their implementation requires enormous effort to unite, organise and mobilise the people and the working class in particular. Our Party members place great importance on mass work.  In other words this means immersing ourselves among the masses. It means listening and learning from the people. It means active involvement in people’s struggles and having deep connections with the people and their struggles, to develop a full understanding of concrete conditions.


Nationalise Multinational Corporations and Use the Profits to Serve the People

  • Nationalise Australia’s key industries – mining and resources; power and water; maritime, shipping and shipping industries; telecommunications; information technology; public transport; banking and finance, military and defence industries
  • Nationalise to empower the workers and use profits to benefit all working people; to pay reparations to First Peoples, to support improved wages, safety and conditions for working people, to fund public education, health, transport, housing, community services, child care and aged care services, repair and strengthen the natural environment and to build an independent, sustainable economy and industries


First Peoples

  • Relations based on acknowledgement that sovereignty was never ceded and comes out from, and is held in, Country
  • Reparations, repatriation and compensation for past, present, and future loss to Peoples and Country to strengthen culture including language and to create economic independence and healthy communities
  • End corporate divide, conquer and oppression of First Peoples
  • Right to veto all unwanted economic activity in their Lands


Workers’ Rights

  • Organise and mobilise the working class and communities to resist and defy the ABCC, and anti-union, anti-worker laws
  • Abolish the ABCC
  • Rights to strike, to organise and to act in solidarity with all workers and communities in struggle for a better life
  • Rights to organise and fight in workplaces, communities and in the streets
  • Higher wages, workplace safety, better conditions and a guaranteed decent and secure standard of living for all workers
  • Fight for migrant workers’ rights and conditions
  • Workers, unions and communities united and working together in struggle for social justice, public housing, people’s services, protection of the environment and against imperialist wars


People’s Democratic Rights

  • Rights for workers and communities to protest against injustices and oppression, racism and discrimination
  • Oppose anti-democratic laws and resist the trend to fascism in all its disguises
  • Oppose the erosion of democratic rights under the guise of the “war on terror” and “national security”



  • Free universal, secular education from early childhood to tertiary level
  • End public funding of private education
  • Fund public education and develop curriculum to meet all students’ needs
  • Reinstate TAFE
  • Keep corporations and foreign imperialist interference out of education



  • Increase funding of public health care and hospitals
  • Reverse privatisation of hospitals and services
  • End public funding of private hospitals and health care
  • Reinstate and expand Medicare for all services


Community and Social Services

  • Increase funding for public community services – child care, community health, disability, mental health and aged care
  • End privatisation of community services
  • Increase all pensions and benefits
  • Fund affordable, secure and decent housing for all
  • Bring social services and community services back into public ownership
  • End profiteering in essential services
  • Reduce high cost of power, water and services


Building an Independent Economy

  • Build an independent, self-reliant and sustainable economy, including agriculture, value added and manufacturing Industries
  • Protect local jobs
  • Fund research and development into science, technology and sustainable industries
  • Fund and promote people’s culture


Environment and Climate Change

  • Immediate action to limit and reverse climate change
  • Develop alternative sustainable industries and jobs transitioning from fossil fuel to renewables
  • Ban coal seam gas mining and gas exports
  • Phase out cotton and rice growing
  • Phase out thermal coal mining and coal fired power stations
  • Develop alternatives to coking coal for steel production


Women’s Rights 

  • Equal pay for equal work and work of equal value
  • Increase Early Childhood Educators’ pay 
  • Increase Single Parents’ Benefits
  • Prioritise and substantially increase government funding for affordable government and community run child care and kindergartens
  • Priority funding for emergency housing and support services for women and children living in or fleeing domestic violence
  • Implement and enforce anti-discrimination legislation across society
  • Government funded mandatory education programs and practices in schools, workplaces and communities promoting equality and respect for girls and women and condemning abuse, sexism and violence against women
  • Ban commercial profit-driven culture that commodifies women as sex objects, domestic slaves and subservient to men


An Anti-Imperialist Independent Foreign Policy

  • Independent Australian foreign policy from all big powers
  • Withdraw from the US-Australia military alliance
  • Remove all foreign military bases and troops
  • No involvement or support for imperialist wars
  • Build government owned sovereign self-defence of Australia, including government defence industries for self-defence, people’s civil defence, coastal and air defence
  • End public funding of multinational weapons’ manufacturers and the military-industrial complex
  • Solidarity with people’s struggles against imperialism and oppression in other countries
  • Promote Fair Trade that upholds the sovereignty of countries, benefits the people and protects the environment


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