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Important webinars build the movements against imperialism.

Written by: Nick G. on 9 July 2024




Two important webinars, one recently held and the other still to come, are building the people’s movements against imperialism.

On July 4, the Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition (AAAC) presented a webinar titled “Independence – Breaking the US Stranglehold in Australia.”

In publicity for the event, the AAAC stated:

The U.S. is the dominant global power with extensive political, economic, military influence and power over many countries, including Australia.
In Australia this U.S. dominance also extends to Australia’s foreign policies, and impacts on our democratic rights.
AUKUS is locking Australia more deeply into US global militarisation and US led wars, in particular the Asia-Pacific Region.
The webinar was opened by AAAC member Shirley Winton, and chaired by lawyer and activist Kellie Tranter.
More than 300 people registered for the event, with over 200 actually participating. 
Our Party was one of 30 organisations endorsing the webinar.
There were four speakers:
Alison Broinowski, President, Australians for War Powers Reform, and former Australian diplomat, provided a political perspective;
Brian Toohey, Journalist and author specialising in the economy and politics covered the economic aspects of the US stranglehold;
Prof. Richard Tanter, Researcher at the Nautilus Institute, author, spoke on Pine Gap, nuclear weapons, AUKUS and militarization;
Greg Barns SC, democratic rights lawyer and Barrister, commented on the erosion of democratic rights under the Stranglehold.
The speakers and some in the audience provided links to a number of important resources.
The forthcoming webinar “Why is the Pacific being prepared for war?”, looks at the US-led RIMPAC military exercise in Hawaii, Exercise Pitch Black and AUKUS. It will be held on Saturday July 13 at 1030am AEST.
Exercise Pitch Black is an air force exercise that has been held roughly every two years since 1981 and under US leadership since 1983. The 2024 event will occur between 15 Jul – 01 Aug 2024 and be based around Darwin and the Tindale base outside of Katherine.  The previous exercise involved air forces from 17 participating countries.  The exercise involves mock battles and explosive ordinance. Public safety will require the designation of large areas of the NT as “military restricted” and “danger” areas.
This webinar is hosted by the Independent and Peaceful Australian Network (IPAN) and includes voices of resistance from throughout the Pacific region.
Registration for the event can be arranged here:
Such events are crucial in building opposition to the war plans of US imperialism, and to preventing the heightening of tensions in our region.
They contribute significantly to the winning of anti-imperialist Australian independence and socialism.


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