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13th National Congress Resolution on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

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The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is all about an unequal partnership between countries in the Asia-Pacific region and the dominant power, the United States. It is all about facilitating the penetration of powerful US corporations into markets across the region. They seek to do this by sweeping aside local laws and protections that benefit the people, claiming that these are a restriction on “free trade” and should not apply to their investments and activities.
The TPPA will be used to overturn Australia’s domestic laws on foreign investment, quarantine, medical and education standards, environmental protection, intellectual property rights, food labelling, agriculture and food production, cigarette advertising, Australian content on TV, and many other matters that benefit the people. Also in their sights are workplace laws, such as the already limited rights of workers and unions to take collective action over wages, working conditions and safety. Local art and culture will be swamped with imported US commercial culture, while the costs of downloading film, video and music will increase greatly.
US global banks, pharmaceutical monopolies, agribusinesses and multinational corporations want the TPPA to be a sharp instrument for expansion of US imperialist economic and political interests. At a time when US imperialism is using the TPPA to strengthen its grip on the Australian economy, it is moving to preserve its domination of the region by basing troops in Australia and expanding its military profile.
Australia has a weak and subservient government that trails along behind every US policy position and initiative. The Gillard government has already virtually committed to signing the TPPA when negotiations are completed in August this year.
Fair Trade between countries must be based on mutual benefit and mutual respect, not imperialist domination.
The CPA (M-L) supports all struggles of the people to expose and reject the TPPA, as it betrays the interests of the Australian people and the interests of the people in the Asia-Pacific region. 


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