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End the US Australia Alliance

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The US Australia Alliance must come to an end. It does not serve the interests of the Australian people and holds back our progress towards a fairer and more responsible society. It damages Australia’s standing in the world and prevents establishing proper relationships with other nations on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.
The Alliance cements Australia’s economic weaknesses; principally the failure to maintain a manufacturing led balanced economy and a huge foreign debt. All the benefit goes to the US. 
The Alliance exists because a group of huge US monopolies command the most important parts of the Australia economy. Through the power that this brings, they are able to impose their political will. These same monopolies control the US government. They control the Australian government, whether the Coalition or Labor are in office. Both are dependent on the support of the forces connected to the US monopolies and political apparatus. This is why our politicians are so ready to sell Australia short. 
Business Council of Australia
These same monopolies are dominant in the Business Council of Australia, which effectively draws up the economic and other central policies that have been implemented by one government after another. The neoliberal and anti-democratic policies of the last two decades are two important examples. 
It is because of this dependence that Australia’s foreign trade relationship with the US is so bad. Its open go for them to export to Australia. Exports from Australia to the US often find the door shut. Australian beef, sugar and other products are locked out. US agricultural products flood in to displace what is grown locally. Investment capital flows in profits and interest flows out, regardless of Australia’s future needs and economic balance and stability. Giant US banks and other financial institutions are given the green light to do as they like in Australia. Culturally, Australia is bombarded by manufactured Hollywood culture, to the detriment of our own culture. 
Free Trade agreements
The US Australia Free Trade Agreement has pushed this invasion forward. Its terms compel Australia to progressively open the door further to US needs, while in practice there are no such restrictions imposed on the US. Even if this were not true, it would remain that this is not a deal between equals.
Now the Rudd government is being used to press for a new regional agreement that will also favour the US. American public interest group Public Citizen, has brought into the open the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, involving the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Chile, Brunei, Peru and Vietnam.
In Asia this is intended as a block to counter China and Japan. In South America, the purpose is to provide a counter to growing independence in the continent. At the core is the opening up of financial markets, but primarily to US investors. 
Australia continues to be embroiled in war overseas. The US Australia alliance demands this. In our region, Australia continues to serve as the deputy sheriff. The Australian continent continues to be dependent on US military communications and spy bases, and major military exercises under US command continue to be carried out on a regular basis. 
In global forums such as the United Nations, Australia continues to parrot Uncle Sam in all major issues, whether it is in relation to war, global warming or the anti-China campaign. The price is that Australia is turned into a weapon for repression and this attracts the anger of peoples of other countries. It sets Australia up as an enemy. 
The interests of Australia lie in extending peaceful relationships with all nations (including the US) and peoples on the basis of equality, respect for sovereignty and mutual benefit. This means establishing relationships between equals and not between master and servant as is the case with the Alliance. 
• End the US Alliance
• Bring the troops home
• Fair trade, not ‘free’ trade
• Independent foreign policy


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