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Palestine will live!

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by Alice M.

For more than 60 years the courageous and heroic Palestinian people have refused to give up their resistance to the brutal occupation, oppression and massacres by the Israel Zionist state and its partner in crime US imperialism.  They are admired and supported by the great majority of ordinary people of the world.

At the time of writing, the Gaza massacre by the Zionist regime in Israel has killed more than 800 Palestinians and maimed and wounded more than 5,000.  Many more thousands have been left homeless, displaced, grieving and horrified at the depth of devastation and suffering inflicted on their people. Whole extended families have been massacred.

Schools, hospitals and the entire infrastructure of Gaza have been demolished by the relentless Israeli carpet bombing. 

The bloody Israeli bombardment and invasion of Gaza has ignited world-wide protests, condemnation and outrage by ordinary people around the world.

Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in angry rallies, protests and occupations in solidarity with the people of Gaza, demanding an immediate stop to the bombing and withdrawal of Israeli troops and artillery from Gaza.

The people demand an immediate arms embargo and boycotts of Israel.

Demands to take Israel to International Criminal Courts echo around the world.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank cities of Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus angrily marched to the Qalandia checkpoint on the East Jerusalem border. Confronting the heavily armed Israeli troops, bullets, and tear gas, they demanded an end to the siege of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine. Several were killed and hundreds more wounded.

In Israel, more Jews are joining in protests against their government’s slaughter in Gaza, with many declaring solidarity with the Palestinians. More Israeli soldiers and army reservists publicly condemn their government and refuse to fight in the Israeli army. 

The main criminals, the Zionists and the US imperialist ruling class fuel racism, religious hatred and conflict, to turn the people against each other and divert attention from their own murderous activities as the main source of suffering and wars of aggression.

They exploit the historical persecution of the Jewish people and the horrors of the 2nd World War Holocaust to manufacture fear of the Palestinian and Arab people to justify the occupation, oppression and slaughter in Gaza and the West Bank.   

The Zionist occupation of Palestine and the oppression of the Palestinians was always a land grab. 

The Zionist state would not be able to sustain the ongoing occupation, oppression, expansion of settlements and violent theft of Palestinian lands and homes without the encouragement and strong support from the US,  economically, militarily and politically.

The ongoing slaughter of thousands of Palestinians on such a massive scale could only be achieved with the support of the big imperialist powers, led by US imperialism, and its grubby puppets.

The Zionist Israeli state is a vital economic and military base and outpost for US imperialism in the Middle East.

The Israeli capitalist economy is intertwined with US imperialism and its main multinational corporations and banks, including IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank, General Electric, Boeing,  Citi Bank,  Goldman Sachs, Dow Chemicals and the US advanced arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

Since 1985 the US government has provided Israel more than $3 billion annually in grants to its arms industries and war mongering military.

Rich natural gas fields off the coast of Gaza, valued at $4 billion, were discovered in 2000. Sixty per cent of these off shore gas reserves belong to Palestine. Israel’s government has declared that capturing Palestine’s gas fields is an objective of the assault on Gaza.

In January 2014 Palestinian Authority began negotiations with Russia on Russia’s investment in the development of Palestinian gas fields. The race for Gaza’s rich natural gas reserves intensified.  

Russia’s major investment in the Palestinian gas fields is seen as a threat to US hegemony in the region and Israel’s control of the gas fields.  

The hand of US imperialism is behind most ferocious wars, occupations and invasions raging around the world today. Its covert criminal activities bankroll wars, terrorism, depose governments, fuel racism and religious conflicts for the single purpose of protecting and expanding its economic and political hegemony of the world. It is the biggest and most vicious terrorist.

The Palestinian people stand at the front of the global struggle against US imperialism and its Zionist puppets. They must be supported. They are part of the struggle against the US empire in all corners of the world.

The Australian government is a US puppet, carrying out every wish and demand of the US over Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

We will unite and redouble our efforts in the fight for an anti-imperialist Australian independence from the US dictates. This is our practical contribution to the people of Palestine and all people of the world oppressed by the US and its lackeys.  

Solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation and sovereignty!


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