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Report on armed resistance from Turkey/Kurdistan

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We reprint a report from Red Dawn August 2018, the information bulletin of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) Turkey/Kurdistan on the guerrilla resistance to the Turkish Erdogan dictatorship (aka the AKP/Palace regime).  The fighters of the MLKP army are testimony to the logic of history, namely, that oppression breeds resistance, and that it is right to rebel against reactionaries.


MLKP/FESK (Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed) guerrillas announced that they participated a reportin the resistance to defend the lands of Southern Kurdistan against the attacks of AKP/Palace regime.

Just before taking off to war fronts where the occupation attacks continue, in the names of MLKP/FESK guerrillas, Erdal Tîrêj and Dicle Awaz spoke at the ceremony convened in the lands of Southern Kurdistan: “We will not let the free mountains besmeared. Just like in Kobanê, Nusaybin, Afrin, we will defend every inch of Kurdistan land.”

MLKP/KKÖ fighter Dicle Awaz continued her words: “We, as MLKP guerrillas, are taking our places at the war fronts along with our comrades-in-arm against occupation attacks of the colonialist Turkish army to Başurê Kurdistan. We gave martyrs in these Southern Kurdistan lands where we have been for years. Today, we will not let the fascist colonialist occupier Turkish army besmear our free areas where each one of our martyrs walked on, where Özgür Renas shed blood, where Roza Renas fell martyr during the preparation for war. We will not yield to neither the colonialist forces nor their collaborators to pass by these lands where thousands of martyrs freed with their blood.”

Emphasizing that women MLKP fighters are part of the resistance in the Medya Defense Zones, just as they took part in the self-governance resistances and defended the Rojava women's revolution, Awaz stated that: “We will uphold the sacrifice spirit which Arin and Sarya raised in Kobanê, the flag of Berçem and Ekin comrades who created the sacrifice troop at the defense of their military base, even higher here at the Medaya Defece Zones today. We will defend every inch of its land until the last drop of our blood, the last bullet of our weapons. We will not let neither Rojava women's revolution nor our free zones besmeared and our revolution strangled by the fascist occupiers.”

Calling all the peoples and the youth from the war fronts, Awaz added that: “This is our call from here to the peoples and especially to the youth. Take your part at the war fronts against the occupation attacks. Don't let the free mountains besmeared. Medya Defense Zones, for decades, fed the struggle of four parts of Kurdistan and created commanders. Here in Kandil, Xakurke and Bradost today, just as Arins and Sibels did in Kobanê; just as Avesta Xaburs did in Afrin, we will raise the struggle up high with the spirit of Berçem Renas and head off the occupation attacks of the fascist Turkish state.”

Recording that they will not stand still against the attacks of Turkish state, Erdal Tîrêj, one of the MLKP guerrillas, said: “Our party MLKP will never stay as audience to the attacks against the Kurdish liberation movement, Kurdish people. We are fighters who believe that Kurdish people living under the colonialist yoke must be free no matter what in order for Turkish people to get freed.”

Underscoring that AKP/Palace regime is preparing for occupation of Kandil, Tîrêj also stated that: “We, as MLKP fighters, starting from today, take on our weapons in Metina, Zap, Xinere, Xakurkê and in Bradost to defend the Southern Kurdistan lands inch by inch.

Together with the comrades-in-arms from HPG and YJA-Star, we defend these lands at the cost of our blood and lives. We say to those fascist occupier Turkish army, you may dare to come here, but you will suffer too.”


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