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South African women fight gender abuse and for equality.

Written by: Ndileka Tom on 19 February 2023


Above: Women demanding equal pay for the Banyana Banyana (women’s national soccer team) with that of the Bafana Bafana men’s team.  Photo source:  Economic Freedom Fighters  website.


This is the second paper we are publishing in preparation for International Women’s Day on March 8. This one is from a South African woman comrade – eds.

Contribution to the United Front webinar on 12.2.2023 from Ndileka Tom, South Africa
Comrades and friends.
A warm and revolutionary greetings from South Africa !!!
When we approach the International Womens Day on the 8th of March this year, 2023.
I would like us to take a look once again at our successful 3rd Tunisia International Womens‘ Conference where we shared a lot of experiences as women of the world.
We all agreed that as the women of the world we all share and face similar challenges in our communities and our workplaces almost on a daily basis e.g Gender Based Violence, Rape, Single mother led homes, Unequal Incomes, Wages, Salaries, Discrimination, Racism etc. We the women of South Africa remain forever exposed to these crimes against women.
We also agreed in the Conference that of all the social ills that we face as a people under the present Economic system of Capitalism, again women are the hard hit by these social ills. In South Africa the unemployment rate is much higher for women and young adult women, women earn the lowest wages and salaries even when they do the same jobs as their counterpart males. The much spoken about Poverty, Hunger, Starvation, and Inequality is much worse for the women worldwide and my country is not different to this phenomenon. This is the reason why we the South African women joined hands with the women of the world in Tunisia and agreed that the united International struggles of women is our only hope and a way out this dire situation.
Comrades and friends, we are +- 12 months now witnessing the continuation of the War in the Ukraine. We see destruction of property, destruction of lives, destruction of jobs, and of businesses. But again we are convinced that women, young girls and children in Ukraine are in the worst situation than the rest of the population. Over and above the bombs, the bullets, deaths, and starvation. Women and girls become victims of other war atrocities such as rape and human trafficking to be later sold for prostitution. Each and every war that has ever taken place in this world women are the most affected. At the end of it all they are left with fatherless children. As South African women we join the International call by women worldwide to say that we are very loud and clear in saying no to the War !!! End the War now!!!
We are equally aware of the state and police brutality that is happening in Peru. Where peaceful protestors are being targeted for harassment and assassinations during their demonstrations. We condemn these barbaric acts and we call for Solidarity with all the people of Peru, especially women, the young girls and children who are all exposed to this brutality and suffering. We must commit in this meeting to offer practical support urgently needed by the women, the young girls, the children and everyone else who are being victimised in Peru as we speak. As South African women we bare witness of the role that the International Solidarity plays in exposing such draconian rule and suppression (the Apartheid government) as witnessed in Peru today.
The Turkey Earth quake and landslide deserve our strong observation and Solidarity. The destruction of people’s properties, of people’s lives, the deaths, the trappings under the rubble, the food shortages, the lack of supply of medical aid and support. This is made worse by the government that blockades International aid from entering certain regions of the country. We must surely condemn this treatment and call for more support, help and assistance for the victims of this Earth quake.    
Comrades and friends, as South African women, as we march forward to the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, we call for a united militant organisation of women worldwide to fight and defeat the attacks on women as mentioned above. We call for the full implementation and realisation of all the resolutions taken at the Tunisia International Women’s Conference. Such as Resolutions/Declarations:
 1. To engage on an International Campaign against all forms of women abuses.
2. Gender based violence and other forms of Exploitation and Oppression. 
3. A Campaign against all forms of super Exploitation, Cheap labour and workplaces discrimination such Unequal Pay on Equal Work, all directed to women. 
4. The Conference resolved to fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work.  
Forward to Women International Solidarity, Forward !!!


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