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Greece is on fire and the system of profit is responsible.

Written by: Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) on 24 July 2023



Our thoughts go out to the people of Greece, currently suffering the consequences of capitalism’s war on nature and its consequence of global warming and extreme weather events. Greek people will rally today, Monday July 24, at Syntagma, the central square of Athens. The statement below was released by the Communist party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) on July 18.  Although there are several references to particular matters that we do not know abut, the general thrust of the analysis is clear – eds.


The country is on fire!
Government policies will not go untouched!
The system of profit and exploitation is GUILTY!
Saronida, Kouvaras, Kalyvia. Dervenochoria, Mandra. Loutraki. The whole of Attica and its surroundings are in flames. At the same time, dozens of firefronts have opened simultaneously across the country. The toll so far is tragic: thousands of acres of burnt forest land, houses and even entire settlements have been burned to the ground, hundreds of people have been displaced, dozens of animals have been burned. And the danger has not yet been reduced, since new areas are threatened, even in dangerous places, with industries within the urban fabric.
Desperate residents are trying by all means to protect and defend their livelihoods. So far, there have been many complaints about a complete lack of firefighting equipment. Anger is overflowing for the government and the regions that allowed Attica to turn into a paralysis of fire for yet another year.
The media and system actors were quick to recommend calm:
To say that now is not the time to seek responsibility, not to politicize the tragedy. Of course, at the same time they whisper about the "irresponsible" who "did not clean their plots". They openly mock residents' complaints that fire brigades did not come, replying that just because they did not see them, it does not mean that they did not act in another nearby spot! At the same time they talk about a successful operation, because (so far) there has been no human loss. They say the greatest achievement is the message about evacuations! When the anger of the inhabitants presses them, they dare to recall the crime in Mati with the dead. They are trying to defuse anger by saying that reparations will be given quickly and on time. Such a statement was made by Mitsotakis from Brussels. Syriza has reintroduced for the umpteenth time the "see you later" approach.
In other words, they do everything to conceal their own criminal responsibilities! The fact that they have stripped the entire country, but even more Attica of any means of protection and prevention for such disasters. We see it and "measure" it every year in floods, snowstorms and fires. The people, helpless and alone, trying to make ends meet. At the same time the system prides itself on its investments, wind farms, hotels and casinos. That has cemented or closed the last square meter of green space or park even in the center of Athens! Who makes "transfers" of staff from one service to another (we have seen in recent days with the shortages in EKAV) in order to patch up needs without being forced to make permanent recruitments. All of the above are compatible and organically tied to the system of profit, to the policies of "everything to capital, all to capital". The -ultimately- indifference to human life. His crimes (in the Pandemic, in Tempi, in Pylos, etc.) remind us of this daily and continuously!
The battle with the flames is not over yet. Everyone, however, anticipates that in many areas the "next day" residents will see a destroyed area.
We declare our solidarity with the residents who are fighting for their lives and livelihoods. We know very well that many stay in the areas despite calls from state mechanisms to evacuate, not only out of desperation (as the media say), but because they know, through their experience, that the state has left them alone. That he doesn't care how they live the next day. That tens of thousands of people affected by fires and floods are still waiting for compensation or have received some crumbs.
The battle with the system of exploitation and the policies that give rise to all these crimes is the issue.
Reclaiming the lives and lost labors of the people is imperative. And it has to come in as early as today.
To immediately and fully compensate those affected.
To ensure immediately and for as long as necessary decent housing for those who were displaced.
So that the burnt forests do not turn into a field of exploitation for capital.
So that we do not allow such crimes to happen again!


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