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May Day Solidarity - Victory for Palestine!

Written by: Alice M. on 30 April 2024


Palestinian Resistance Isolates Zionism and US imperialism

By Alice M.
Palestine’s fight for liberation is turning the US imperialist dominated world upside down.

Seven months of relentless Israeli slaughter of the people of Gaza and the West Bank has only spread the flames of Palestinian resistance and the solidarity of the great majority of peoples of the world.

Zionist Israel and its US-led imperialist backers stand isolated and exposed in their massacre of 34,000 Palestinians, nearly half of whom are children. Thousands more are still buried in mass graves under the rubble when Israel bombed countless homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, child care centres, kindergartens and a university.

Not satisfied, Israel is now intent on starving the remaining Palestinian population of Gaza.

Heroic resistance
Yet, Israel, the world’s bloodiest military after the US, armed to the teeth with the most advanced high tech and intelligence weaponry, militarily and politically supported and funded in trillions of dollars by US imperialism, has failed to extinguish the 76 years of the Palestinian  resistance to Zionist Israel’s brutal occupation and oppression.

The seven months of Israeli genocide in Gaza and the West Bank to wipe out the existence of Palestinians, has only strengthened the unity and determination of the 5 million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to resist and fight for their liberation.

Their steadfast fight against the brutal colonial occupation by the fascist Israeli state is an inspiration and a beacon for millions around the world oppressed by colonialism, capitalism and imperialism.

Israel’s genocide and the heroic Palestinian resistance is mobilising millions around the world in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle.
Millions across the world support Palestine’s struggle for liberation. Palestinians are showing that peoples of the world have the absolute right, and duty, to resist oppression, exploitation and fight for national liberation and freedom.

Seven months into Israel’s invasion and genocide in Gaza and mass rallies of hundreds of thousands across the world in solidarity are growing in numbers and influence.  The Zionist Israeli state and US imperialism are exposed and isolated. 

People’s mass organisations and actions against Israel’s genocide and complicity by imperialist powers and their lackeys, like Australia, have spontaneously sprung up in all corners of the world. People of the world are demanding Israel be boycotted, charged with genocide, and prosecuted before the International Court of Justice for its genocidal war crimes.

US and its lackeys condemned 
The Palestinian struggle has widened the gulf between the people and ruling classes of the capitalist world, sharpening contradictions between the exploited and their exploiters.

Capitalist and imperialist drive for control of the world’s resources, markets and bigger profits are behind Israel’s colonial occupation and genocide. Palestinian liberation is sharpening struggles between the governments of capitalist and imperialist countries and the people.  Palestinian resistance is exposing the leading role of US imperialism and its military industrial complex as accomplices in the genocide.

People power from below is demanding the ruling classes and their governments condemn Israel, stop exporting weapons and aid to Israel.  Dock workers are striking, refusing to handle weapons bound for Israel, banning Israeli shipping lines and blockading international ports.   

Across the world communities are blockading multinational weapons manufacturers’ factories. Students are occupying their universities, demanding multinational weapons corporations are kicked out of universities.  Tens of thousands protesting against Israel and the US are being arrested in the US and Israel.   

Since the start of Zionist Israel genocide in October 2023 in Gaza, growing numbers of Jewish people are condemning Zionism and protesting against Israeli genocide and the 76 years of Zionist occupation of Palestine.  Jewish Anti-Zionist organisations and groups have been formed across the world.

In Australia, Jews Against Zionism, Jews Against the 1948 Occupation, Loud Jew Collective and the reconstituted progressive Jewish Council of Australia are active in the Palestine solidarity movement. The anti-zionist Jewish Council of Australia has commended the university protests and rejected claims that they are antisemitic.

In the US, ruling class support for the Zionist Israel genocide is deepening contradictions between the people and monopoly capital, exposing the US hypocrisy. Democrats are losing their supporters as Biden desperately tries to win them back for the next election, crying crocodile tears, asking Israel nicely not to kill “civilians”, and in the same breath sending $26 billion in military aid to assist Israel in its genocide.

The complicity of US-led imperialist powers in the genocide of Palestinian people is exposing the reality of US global “rules-based order”, hastening its political demise. No longer can US imperialism and its lackeys, like Australia, hide their support and complicity in genocide. 

Australia – puppet of US imperialism
As in everything, the puppet Labor government is dancing to the tune of US imperialism, unwilling to veer one small step away from supporting US world domination and colonial Zionist Israel.  In the UN it loyally follows the US and rubber stamps every move to protect Israel’s brutal occupation and genocide.
Meanwhile, US imperialism uses its Pine Gap spy base to provide military intelligence and co-ordinates to assist the murderous Israeli military’s genocide in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Australian people are disgusted with the Labor government’s complicity in Israel’s and US massacres. In the middle of Israel’s killings of 34,000 Gazans the Australian government signed a $917 million contract with Elbit, Israel’s biggest developer and manufacturer of weapons.  That’s $1billion gifted to one of the world’s biggest perpetrators of war crimes. 

Zionist Israel in crisis
Israel itself is deeply divided, beginning to implode and on the brink of open fascism.

Fault lines and conflict of interests and strategies are opening up between Israel and the US, its biggest and most important sponsor without whose support Zionist Israel would not have survived as long as it has. Israel is a crucial base for the US economic, political and military dominance in the region.  Palestinian resistance is uniting and mobilising the masses of the Middle East against US imperialism.

Israel’s genocide is showing the world the reality of 76 years brutal colonial occupation. The world is learning about Nakba, about Gaza as a concentration camp created by Israel. About violent and armed Zionist settlers, supported by the Zionist state and Israeli army, stealing Palestinian land in the West Bank and brutally evicting Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.

The world is learning about Israel stealing water and destroying Palestinian farms and olive groves in the West Bank, deliberately making life unbearable for Palestinians to force them to leave or die.  

The world is learning about the thousands of Palestinian prisoners as young as 10 or 12 rotting for years in Israeli gaols for merely throwing a rock at an Israeli Occupying Force (IOF) soldier, for flying a Palestinian flag.  The world is witnessing Israel’s horrific apartheid.

But the Palestinian struggle is turning the tide and shifting the ground for all the oppressed peoples of the world.

As long as the Palestinian people control their own destiny, they will surely be victorious.

Close Pine Gap!
Kick Elbit out of Australia!
Ban Zim and all Israeli shipping companies from entering Australian Ports!
Impose BDS against Israel!
Support Palestine Liberation!
Independence for Australia from all super powers!


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